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Why 1st Mile?

"The planet is dying and we are killing it. The good news is, we have everything we need now to respond to the challenge of global warming. We have all the technologies we need".
Al Gore in his Copenhagen speech, January 18th, 2007

It is the mission of 1st Mile to bring new, clean technologies from idea/research to business. We do this by maturing the idea to a quality attractive for investors.


"90% of all start-ups, who are not able to attract external capital, fail within 3 years".
Gombers and Learner, 2001

It is the mission of 1st Mile to assist start-ups, as well as investors, to create more successful new cleantech companies.


“For every 100 clean energy start-ups in the US, Europe only produces 37”. “What is needed in stead is a concerted effort to break down barriers to innovation and entrepreneurship throughout Europe’s clean energy sector”.
Michael Liebreich, CEO, New Energy Finance

It is the mission of 1st Mile to increase the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in the cleantech sector, enabling more clean solutions for the benefit of society and environment.


"Product features become benefits only when they address the needs of the customer".
Curtis Carlson & William Wilmot in their book "Innovation", 2006

It is the mission of 1st Mile to bring more "market pull" into the cleantech sector, hence significantly increasing the success rate of of research and development efforts and optimising the value of public and private R&D spending.


"Only 0.27 % of all start-ups were energy companies in 2004 declining from 0.45 % in 2000"
The report "THE ENERGY INDUSTRY IN DENMARK - perspectives on entrepreneurship and venture capital" published November 1st, 2006, by
Vaekstfonden, a government backed investment fond in Denmark.

It is the mission of 1st Mile to increase investments in the cleantech sector, so that more and more solutions for a cleaner world can be implemented.


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Søren Houmøllers presentation on climate and CSR in Reykjavik

Søren Houmøller to talk about CSR on Iceland on May 8th

Søren Houmøller of 1st Mile panelist

1st chosen as advisor by Danish cleantech company with IPO ambitions

1st Mile consultant on the Gjøl gasification project

1st Mile awarded project to develop new energy source

Videcrantz joins 1st Mile as senior consultant

1st Mile develops commercial criteria for the Danish EUDP demo program

Søren Houmøller presents visions and financial framework at Bioenergydagen 2007
Download presentation

New course: Business plans for project applicants
Projects must now contain business plans. 1st Mile teaches how.

October, 2007
Massive press coverage for 1st Mile views on cleantech

Søren Houmøllers panelist speech at Copenhagen Climate Solutions

Another new contract for 1st Mile

New contract for 1st Mile

1st Mile has struck a nerve
Lots of press coverage for 1st Mile on implementation on clean energy

Invitation: Opening reception
"Investor's Corner" hope to see many guests on May 31st.

1st Mile moves to Scion-DTU
Forms "Investor's Corner" with other companies

Houmøller joins Advisory Board
New Energy Forum plans conference in December '07

Houmøller appointed chairman
Søren Houmøller chairman of the energy innovation and research committee under the Confederation of Danish Industries

1st Mile wins contract
1st Mile to help Energinet.dk create business on R&D

Frost joins 1st Mile
Frida Frost adds implementation and people skills to 1st Mile

1st Mile Fund
1st Mile to establish new VC fund for early stage investments.

New blog by Søren Houmøller on innovation launched at Engineering Weekly.

Silicon Valley pick-ups
Lots of lessons to be learned on cleantech innovation in the Valley.

1st Mile founded
1st Mile is to bring clean technologies to life.


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